A Poster from the 2016 Global March for Elephants & Rhino!

I have been concerned about the Animal Kingdom for some time now, but it became apparent to me last year when Cecil the Lion was hunted in the name of sport, with the poor animal’s head to be used as a trophy for the victor. This barbaric act highlighted to the world the severity of hunting and poaching that goes on.  Cecil’s death left a legacy that has shown the world how brutal the sport of hunting is and this is now helping to protect all wildlife from hunters and poachers. There’s along way to go, but together we can work to bring a solution about for this problem.

It was Cecil’s legacy that started me on a path to find out more about the dangers facing animals like lions, tigers, rhinos, giraffes and I became very attracted to helping the elephants after having a vivid dream about an orphaned baby elephant pacing around her parents.  I then knew I had to do something to help in some way.  I joined many animal activist groups on Facebook which showed devastating graphic images of these beautiful beings poached for their tusks almost always leaving a poor orphaned baby behind traumatized, confused and grieving.  I found this truly heartbreaking and needed to find out how this could be stopped and the action that is already taking place in order to eradicate this extreme cruelty.  I attended the Global March in London for Elephants & Rhino to show my support for this very urgent appeal to save these beautiful animals from extinction. (see my blog).

Because I can’t physically be there to help stop these atrocities, I felt the need to help in some other way.  During my research I came across the wonderful David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,   their work is dedicated to  the protection of Africa’s wildlife and in particular Elephants and Rhino.  They operate a fostering programme where you can choose to adopt elephants, rhinos and even Giraffes, such a perfect way to donate and help in their incredible work for the preservation and conservation of all wildlife.

I decided to raise money for this wonderful cause by selling all my stock of angel ornaments at massively discounted prices in order to raise money as quickly as possible so I could donate ASAP and adopt an orphan.

I am now very pleased to announce that I have raised in total £254.50 and would like to thank all the wonderful people that purchased an angel gift for this cause.

So as promised I would like to introduce our beautiful adopted babies Esampu the baby Elephant & Kiko the baby Giraffe.

Please click on the links below to view the fostering certificates and the orphans profiles 🙂  – Esampu  – Kiko – Esampu – Kiko

Unfortunately humans are the invading force  here as some tend to think of themselves as more superior to other living beings for e.g. hunters & poachers.  This is causing great distress in the animal kingdom and is breaking down their group consciousness, breaking their spirit which inevitably will cause extinction.

With some research it became very apparent that there is sadly a huge illegal market for Ivory especially in China and it is not going to be an easy task to eradicate it completely & find solutions.  There are countries now destroying their stock piles so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands which is great news.  There is alot more work to do and a lot more people “in power” to convince but I have faith & hope that eventually this cruelty will end and elephants will continue to roam in the wild well over the 20 years time line that is currently set if nothing changes NOW!

The cry for help is loud and clear to those who are listening.  So please help in anyway that you are able to help preserve our planets beautiful wildlife before its too late!!!

Once again a big thank you to all of you that purchased and donated to this worthy cause.  I look forward to sharing with you the updates on our newly adopted orphans Esampu and Kiko and one day I hope to meet them in person 🙂


Love & Light

Angelic Auras