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About Jen –  Dip EFH


Since being a young child & empath I have always been gifted with intuition, a sense of wisdom &  knowing.  I received guidance which like most I tended to ignore much to my despair, but I learnt pretty quickly soon after a near death experience  to learn to listen and trust the guidance I was receiving.

My journey as a healer began many years ago when an Angel saved my life from certain death, this then lead me on a quest to find out as much information as I could about Angels and Spirit.  Inevitably this then lead me to the caring healing side and I qualified as a Reiki practitioner.

During Reiki sessions with clients I soon came to realize that I needed to learn more about the human energy field.  During healing sessions I could feel random energy floating around the client and wanted to learn more.  I was introduced to Sue Zange of www.inspirit.co and enjoyed several healing sessions with her myself.  The healing I received changed my life, improved my health in all areas mentally, emotionally and physically and I wanted to share this amazing therapy with others,  it is then that I decided to  enroll on her course & began my amazing journey learning the beautiful art of energy field healing.

I have been qualified as an advanced level energy field healer for over 10 years and I continue to update my skills by attending courses on new advanced techniques.  I now specialize in working with people with careers that are draining and take a tole on their well being, for eg, animal rights activists, save movement activists and NHS staff etc.

I was a vegetarian for many years and became vegan in 2016 after watching a video on Facebook about the cruel dairy industry.  I then got involved in animal rights and now regularly attend and organize events myself so I understand the stress, upset and emotional exhaustion this can have on your mental, emotional and physical well being.

I am also a volunteer Co-ordinator for #animaljusticeproject and run an out reach stall with information about the cruel experiments taking place on animals in universities & laboratories, also promoting a Vegan &  healthy lifestyle bringing mind, body and soul into balance.

Discounts are offered to students and the unemployed.  So please do contact me personally to discuss any questions you may have and to book an appointment – jenshealing@outlook.com