Angel Guidance Reading


Angel Card Guidance Reading/Spiritual Advice

About 20 years ago I became interested in the Angelic Realm due  to a life changing experience.

 I spent all my spare time finding out all I could by studying books and attending courses about Angels.

 I was completely in awe of these celestial beings, “God’s Helpers” I wished to find a way to introduce these beautiful beings to others so they could experience their loving support, healing & guidance too.

I  attended Doreen Virtue’s very last course in the UK to become a Certified Angel Card Reader in 2014!  

Using my own unique natural skills I work with my team of Guides and Angels to offer positive guidance and advice at the heart of the matter to help direct you on your journey in life.  

A reading is a peaceful and tranquil experience. I look forward to sharing this inspirational service with you!

Angel Card Guidance Reading/Spiritual Advice



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