Angel Therapy

You Are Worth It!

A session of Angel Therapy clears, cleanses, purifies, re-energises and brings you back to a sense of balance & well being. Being a gentle therapy in tranquil safe surroundings you can leave all your troubles behind & have some well deserved YOU time.

Clear, disconnect & re-energise

This session is especially great after a difficult, hard week at work for those of you with demanding  jobs that mentally drain, shatter and leave you physically exhausted. The session will clear you of all energies collected during that week, disconnect you from non-serving, negative energies & people thus re-energising & restoring you back to balance.  The session lasts 30 mins and can be offered weekly, monthly or when ever you feel you need to be restored!

Release & let Go

Holding onto the past, people, including toxic relationships & old worn out belief systems, does not serve you in any way & can cause pain in the body & even constipation (holding on)!  This can prevent you from moving forward in life and you may also miss opportunities that arise for you because you are busy holding onto perhaps being hurt by someone, being let down by others or living by rigid old beliefs that you struggle to let go of but know no longer serve you.  This Angel Therapy session will help you to “LET GO” enabling you to re-start, get moving again. Sometimes clients may need a few sessions to completely release from the issue.  One step at a time, a little goes along way and is the first step for you moving forward and being free once & for all!

£35 for a 60 minute session

£20 for a 30 minute session

Discounted sessions for students & the unemployed email:

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