Angel Therapy

You Are Worth It!

A session of Angel Therapy clears, cleanses, purifies, re-energises and brings you back to a sense of balance & well being. 

Being a gentle therapy in tranquil safe surroundings you can leave all your troubles behind & have some well deserved YOU time.

Clear, disconnect & re-energise

If you work or live in a toxic environment then this therapy is for you! 

After a difficult, demanding week at work that mentally drains and leaves you physically exhausted, including executive burnout this session will clear you of all energies collected during that week, disconnecting you from non-serving negative energies and people which will then restore and re-energize you. 

The session lasts 30 mins and can be offered weekly, monthly or when ever you feel the need to be restored!

 One to One Sessions:

*Learn how to ground your energy

*Learn how to protect your energy & create boundaries

*Learn how to meditate well


Discounted sessions for students & the unemployed email:

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