“Angels in Action”


Welcome to Angels in Action – Peaceful Warriors for the Wild!

This page has been created with the intention to help spread light across the planet & bring awareness via social media & animal activism events to help the vulnerable animal kingdoms currently under attack from poachers and hunters which if not stopped now may well soon cause a mass extinction!

Many people already request Angels to protect their loved ones or help with health matters and healing.  My intention is to get people now to start invoking protection and light for the vulnerable animal kingdoms, the more people that get involved in this type of higher vibrational energy work the more effect it will have on changing the lower dense vibrations to a much higher resonance which will help effect change.

You don’t need me to tell you that there is indeed a dark veil/curtain across the planet at this time with all the terroism, wars, murders & abuse of innocent animals & humans, its causing a great imbalance on the planet and we are being called to help to make changes, but in relation to that there is also a huge awakening happening right now and it’s a joy to watch.

Please join me in spreading the light to help this beautiful planet regain balance by invoking these beautiful Angelic beings as an extra way to assist,  they want to help and will if asked to do so.


Love & light – Jenny

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