June 1st, 2017

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On Saturday 29th May 2017 thousands of people from all over the UK marched from Cavendish Square to Downing Street in London to make a stand against the ban being lifted on fox hunting!

Click on the link below to watch a video which includes fantastic speakers on the day.

fox man march crowd anneka

Zoo Awareness Weekend (C.A.P.S)

April 17th, 2017


CAPS Zoo Awareness Weekend: Dudley Zoo Protest, Friday 14th April 2017

zoo protest

In support of CAPS’ Zoo Awareness Weekend around 20 campaigners protested outside Dudley Zoo on Friday 14th April to highlight the zoo industry’s exploitation of animals.

During the protest, activists set up an informational outreach stall with plenty of CAPS literature, held placards, gave speeches and chalked anti-zoo messages outside the establishment. In discussions with the public, campaigners encouraged people to boycott zoos due to the various issues associated with them, including the suffering of imprisoned animals, the lack of any significant contribution by zoos to conservation and education, and the damaging message zoos send by endorsing the use of animals for ‘entertainment’. Activists also highlighted that ethical methods of protecting wildlife are available, such as in-situ conservation programmes, which deserve more funding instead.

The response from the public was very supportive, with lots of literature distributed and numerous people pledging to boycott zoos (some would-be customers of Dudley Zoo even decided not to go in after discussions!) as others beeped in support of the protest as they drove past. We will continue to protest against zoos in the future, if you’d like to get involved with actions in your area, please contact CAPS on

lion i am not your entertainmentzoo tell your children th truth

Gaia wants to ask you a question!

April 3rd, 2017

GAIA – The Life Giving Essense


1. R u enhancing & helping me?

2. R u in the middle doing nothing either way for me?

3. Or are u responsible for some of the death & destruction of my kingdoms?

If you are in the middle  – 

pick no.1 quick because the balance is tipping & its tipping over to death & destruction!

It’s not to late to be of service to Gaia & her kingdoms.

The animal kingdoms, the earth kingdoms, the sea kingdoms are crying out for help.

We each have our own natural affinity with Earth, whether that be with nature, the sea, or the animals. We each have a  purpose on this Earth that is why we are here, your role is to find out which way resonates with you the most, then start doing & being who you are meant to be!

She has provided for us  and now needs our help to restore and re-balance, after all it is mankind’s fault “I’ll do what I want” take, take, take!

By coming together we can spread the light across the planet to help restore and bring balance once again, lets remove this dark veil and be the light before it’s too late!

Going Vegan for the animals, your well beingthe planet is a must to help restore and bring peace!


Find your purpose and BE it!

Love & Light 











World Wide Rally For Cecil 2017

February 13th, 2017

Cecil Rally.Birmingham.Cover.2017


A peaceful rally was held in Birmingham on Saturday 4th February at the beautiful Victoria Square.

 like-minded individuals some from local Birmingham animal activism groups joined the rally to make a stand against trophy hunting and poaching.   Jen Nolan organized the rally on behalf of Compassion Works International so that the UK were also taking part & showing their support in this World Wide event.  There were video’s playing detailing the impact of trophy hunting, a leaflet and information point and Jen did a talk about the impact of this barbaric sport.  Towards the end a 2 minute silence was held to respect the lives taken by trophy hunting and poaching!

The rally coincided with the annual conference of Safari Club International (SCI), a pro-trophy hunting organization, which was being held at Mandalay Bay. Individuals from all over the world  came together to protest the SCI convention and shine a light on the brutal and immoral practice of trophy hunting.

The Worldwide Rally For Cecil is named for and held in honor of Cecil the lion, a protected and collared lion who was lured out of a national park and mercilessly shot with a bow by a Minnesota-based dentist in the summer of 2015 Cecil was then stalked for 40 hours while injured and bleeding before being killed with a rifle and beheaded. His death created a worldwide outrage.

An estimated 190,000 wild animals are exported as trophies globally and an even greater unknown number are killed by local trophy hunters without entering global trade. Some of the commonly hunted species include a variety of duck and geese species, black and grizzly bears, various hoofed mammals, wolves, cougars, bobcats, polar bears, moose, elk, many African species, and others. Generally only the extremely wealthy can afford to trophy hunt. An elephant hunt can cost as much as $62,000 and one hunter paid $350,000 at an auction for the right to kill a rare black rhino.

Visit for more information on CWI and the Worldwide Rally For Cecil.

Jen Nolan speaking about trophy hunting, poaching & animal abuse!

rally 2

Jen also attends regular animal activism events in Birmingham & London and continues to organize demo’s to bring awareness to the damaging & cruel impact trophy hunting and poaching has on the world’s wildlife!  To keep in touch with events, see the event page or go to

rally 3






Birmingham Rally for Cecil 2017

The Global March for Elephants & Rhinos 2016!

October 2nd, 2016

img_0270Waiting to start the March to Downing Street 24/9/2016 London UK

We had an amazing day at the March for Elephants & Rhino walking together through the streets of London with about 1ooo people chanting and holding up banners & posters uniting to stop the atrocity of poaching Elephant Tusk, Rhino Horn and Lion bone.

If nothing changes soon it is said Rhino could be extinct in 10 years and Elephants in 20, Lions are being overhunted and killed not only for their heads to be used as a trophy for hunters, but  their bone too as an alternative for tiger bone in chinese traditional medicine which DOES NOT WORK! this is not acceptable and we CANNOT allow it to continue!  Once they are gone, they are gone! 🙁

A letter was hand delivered to Downing Street by some of the Speakers on the day to demand a full ban on the ivory trade to vote Appendix 1 @ CITIESCoP17.  Please click on the link below to read a copy of the letter that was delivered to Downing Street.


Please click on link to sign & share a letter to CITIES to demand the total ban on ivory trade & help save our beautiful wildlife!  Every single signature counts! 🙂








Calling The Angels Into Action

June 21st, 2016

Please find below a simple technique on how to invoke the Angels to assist the animal kingdoms in abusive situations. A good idea before you start is to know the exact location the abuse is happening, if you don’t and you just want to send out help that is perfect too!
This is a simple basic technique for beginners, if you are already a trained healer/therapist, please work from your sacred space on the higher dimensions.

a.Firstly find a quiet place to sit and ground your energy. (Grounding is connecting to the earth)

b.Sit upright in a comfortable position with your hands on your lap and palms upright with feet flat on the floor.

c. Imagine energy lines or roots coming out of the souls of your feet and going down into the earth below you connecting you at least 6-10 feet down further if you feel comfortable. Feel your feet connected into the earth (they may feel stuck to the floor) or heavy. You will feel peaceful.

d.Ask that all that is not serving you at this time and any caotic energy is disconnected to ground by saying ” I disconnect now from all that is none serving to me at this time, I am disconnecting now, so be it”. You can say this any many times as you feel is needed.

e. Now come back up through your feet into your legs and into your solar plexus area your core, put your focus here and visulise a golden spark of light radiating out from your core centre and filling you up in golden source light, radiating within you and all around you, really feel that and enjoy, move that spark of light up to your heart centre, feel and see your chest area filling up with golden light.

f. Now call to you Angels of the highest light ( you may feel them, see them or just know or have the intention that they are with you) to help assist you in (your chosen animal/human welfare situation) for eg. the Yulin Dog Festival, or protection for the elephants etc, by saying:
Deal Angels of the highest light I call upon you now in love, light and truth to please be with & assist the (name your cause) for eg. the dogs kept captive in Yulin, Guangxi in China. Please bring them comfort and keep them from any pain as is possible in this situation by any means available to you by embracing them in pure source light and protection. ( I know that Angels have the power to remove humans from their body under horrific circumstances so they do not feel the pain/torture and it does not affect their soul) I know this is also possible for innocent animals also put in barbaric situations. We also pray for the people that celebrate this festival, or for eg, hunters and poachers! that they may see & know love in action and be removed from this darkness within by feeling the light of Source. SO BE IT!

g. When you are calling the Angels to you, you may feel or see them before you, don’t worry if you do not, they will be with you because you have asked ready and willing to assist you and follow your instructions. Have the faith and intention! visulise them at the situation embracing it in light, giving protection, love and comfort. You can also call upon Archangel Michael and his Warrior Angels to fight off any darkness and replace it with light.

h. & finally when you feel you have finished your Angel work, re-ground your energy by calling & reclaiming your energy back into your physical body and feeling the roots/energy lines from your feet re-grounding you back into the earth, slowley move your body and open your eyes to bring yourself back into the now moment.

If we all get involved and do this for every barbaric situation animal & human on the planet at this time, the energy frequency on the planet will start to change from a lower dense vibration to a higher lighter vibration which will bring miracles and change.

Angelics are available to us and want to assist us, they are gifted to mankind. Let’s put them to work it’s what they are waiting for to assist the planet and its inhabitants in the highest serving way for the good of all!


Love and light

Jenny x

Save The Elephants!!!

Tanzania has been identified as the leading exporter of illegal ivory in recent years. An estimated 10,000 elephants are being slaughtered in the country annually. Here, elephants walk in the Serengeti National Reserve in northern Tanzania in 2010.

Tanzania has been identified as the leading exporter of illegal ivory in recent years. An estimated 10,000 elephants are being slaughtered in the country annually. Here, elephants walk in the Serengeti National Reserve in northern Tanzania in 2010.

Help Spread The Light :)

June 18th, 2016

Since researching, following pages on Facebook and looking into animal welfare my eyes have been well and truly opened to a barbaric world of unnessary cruelty and evil caused by human beings!  Humans are doing a pretty good job of destroying the planet and the other species living on it!


As an Angel Therapist and energy sensitive it breaks my heart & makes me question all that is!  The only reasoning I can give for people that do this harm is they have a darkness inside them that hasn’t seen or felt the light of love because when you truly love yourself and others you cannot do harm to another it’s impossible!


As I have mentioned on my “Angels in Action” page working with Angels can help to spread the light to those that need it across the planet.  It is an active way to contribute and will without a doubt help to make changes in the darkest of places.  Angels can bring comfort and protection, they can re-direct animals away from danger and help find them a new trail/path to follow for eg hunted elephants!


In fact Angels can be anywhere and do anything you ask as long as it serves the highest and is lawful.  The more of us that ask, the more light that can be spread across the planet to effect change all you need is some faith & intention.


Many many people have had Angel experiences and there are lots of books out there detailing miraculous events.  Might be worth a read if you need help to understand exactly what they are capable of.


If you feel this type of work resonates with you then please do look out for my post on Facebook detailing ways on how to invoke Angels to assist in animal welfare across the planet, just a few minutes a day could make all the difference 🙂


Many thanks for visiting & I hope you can join me in spreading the light!IMG_5745

Jenny x

Our Beautiful Earth Out of Balance!

March 22nd, 2016

It saddens my heart to witness our beautiful planet so out of balance because of all the evil, hatred & death in the world at this time.  It’s tipping Mother Earth I can see a black curtain trying to form around the planet!

The animals are in disarray both in the sea and upon the Earth.  People have no morals or don’t seem to know how to behave in a civilised way anymore. They think it’s ok to hunt, kill, murder, lie, cheat, rape, enslave and disrespect fellow human beings and animals.

Meaningless sex, porn, money and power seems to be what is important to most (it’s trickery) it  can become addictive to some  who are then unable to manage normal healthy relationships due to un-realistic ideals!  These things will not sustain you forever & could possibly even destroy your very essence. There will come a time when your heart will yearn for pure love and truth because that is where you orginate from!

Do not get caught up in the fear that’s raging around the planet and trying to rule it.  Focus on your heart, go within feel the love that you are because it will sustain you and help you rise above the negative, it will keep you in the light. Learn to do this well, visulise a spark of light within you growing, expanding, radiating within you and around you and filling your heart with pure love that is real power and strength!

To help to change the vibration on the planet now is to live from the heart, to value & love yourself first.  Show kindness and patience and assist others to live in the light also to help them step out of the dense & darkness.

Do not follow the mass consiousness because it is ruled by unlawfulness and is there to keep you off your true path in life.  The thing is most do not realize so don’t judge just be the light!

Have you asked the Angels to help you manage down here?  They absolutely understand how dense & how hard it can be.  All you have to do is ask and they are immediatly at your side ready to assist you in your everyday life.  An Angel’s main purpose is to support mankind but you do have to ask for the help you need as we all have free will choice and they cannot just intervene without our permission unless of course it is not your time to go and then they will step in and save you as they have for me and many others!

You can ask the Angels to assist the planet & animals too!  The more Angels we ask for, the more light can spread around the world changing the vibration thus helping to reclaim Mother Earth’s balance!

I’m an Energy Sensitive, Light worker and Healer and I’m feeling the shifts in vibrations on the planet, the caos and unlawfullness and it’s a struggle for me & I’m trained in how to manage energy!  So I absolutely understand how hard it is to be here at this time trying to make sense of it all whilst still trying to manage a normal day to day life.  It’s exhausting, it can make you feel wobbly and dizzy, off balance and misaligned.

My suggestion would be to see a Healer that you resonate with to re-ground and balance your energy and also to learn how to meditate and practise focusing on the heart centre and lighting the spark within daily until you are literally made of light.  Asking daily for Angels is a major vibration changer as you are inviting in the light of Source, this light will help get you through the day and keep you safe!

We can all work together to change this negative vibration to a positive light one! So send out positive good thoughts & Angels daily to the planet and it’s inhabitants all it will take is 5 minutes of your time & is just a little extra way that will start to make a difference!

In love & Light


peace around the world

Start Your Day The Angels Way

February 14th, 2016

046Start Your Day The Angels Way!

How we wake up and start our day is really important and can have an effect on the rest of the day/week.  A good morning routine will make all the difference and can completely turn things around from a potentially caotic negative day to a really positive well managed one!

Basic tips for a well managed positive day!

  1. Upon waking, don’t rush out of bed, set your alarm earlier if you need to, to allow for more time to wake up properly, have a stretch and affirm to yourself “today will be a great day”
  2. Sit on the side of your bed with your feet on the floor for a minute, then without rushing around go about your usual morning routine of washing, dressing and having breakfast.
  3. Preferably on the ground floor stand with your feet firmly on the ground and visulise energy lines or roots coming out of the soles of your feet making their way down at least 6-10 feet under the earth and grounding you there, stabalising you and connecting you to the earth energy – Mother Earth!  You will know you are well grounded because it will feel like your feet are stuck in place.
  4. Now visulise a golden or white light (whichever you feel more comfortable with) coming down from the Sky energy – Heaven,  flushing through you from head to toe and all around you, re-charging your energy ready for a new day!
  5.  When you feel ready now begin to imagine a bubble of light all around you over your head and going under your feet and under the ground being held in place by the earth energy. “Command that nothing of a low harmful energy can penetrate your bubble of light and that the protection will last all day and all night long” “SO BE IT”. The ideal starter colours for a protective bubble would be Gold, Clear, Blue, Pink or Rainbow!  As you learn to master these colours then you can add a higher vibration to them such as Crystalline.  The best way to learn which colour is serving you the most is to practice for a few days and then change to a new colour, sensing how it feels & how your feel during the day and at the end of the day.  The bubble will transform any low negative energy coming at you to light so imagine this when invoking the bubble that anything of a low energy is transformed to light so actually nothing can harm you! Some people we call “energy vampires,” after you have been in their presence even for a short while, you can feel absolutely drained, good news is the bubble will protect you from them also! Practise makes perfect and you will start to notice a difference, maybe keep a diary of how certain colours worked for you or didn’t.  You will learn what is needed for every situation whether it’s work or family occasions etc.
  6. At this point now take a seat, feet firmly on the ground, palms of your hand up on your lap,  settle there for a minute & take a few deep breaths breathing in through your nose and out from your mouth, when you feel ready,  request by saying “I now invite/invoke Personal Protector Guardian Angels of the highest light to please be with me all day & night, so be it” You may see or feel the Angels coming in and surrounding you or just have faith that this is so!  You can can do this for others too but must add “as long as it serves their highest and permissions allow” this is because of their own free will choices!
  7. Once you have invoked the Angels to protect you and your loved ones the next step would be to protect your home, vehicle, pets & work place, by saying ” I now invoke Protector Guardian Angels of the highest light to please protect my home on the inside & out, please also keep my pets safe,  please protect my car & ensure that I have safe travel to and from all destinations all day & night for myself and my passengers, please also protect my work place and my work space and fill it with positive energy” “SO BE IT”
  8. Last but not least say once again “Today will be a great day”

Living a consious life in command of your own energy

These are simple basic tips for beginners on how to begin your day in a positive well managed consious way.  I have used these on a daily basis myself for many years and can guarantee that they work and make a complete difference to your day.  Once you get into a good habit and routine you will soon start to feel the benefits if not immediatly! It can take up to 30 minutes depending on yourself, I think 2o minutes is a good time scale to work by so do allow enough time in the mornings.  As you practice this on a daily basis you will start to feel and know what you need and which colours work best for you! Enjoy x

I just wanted to add one more thing, you are not responsible for how others behave or treat you and you cannot control how others think about you! If at all possible keep away from negative people and places. Get on with what you have to do and leave them to it.  🙂

Any questions or queries on the above, you can contact me by email:




January 29th, 2015

What will it take to get you moving.  How long will it take to change your job, your partner, your life!!!

The start of a New Year is a great time to start writing down what you would like to achieve this year, where you want to be, who you want to be with, new home, car, job, holiday etc.  Get writing,  visulize yourself already having all of your wishes & desires, take time to acknowledge what that feels like, feel it, love it, be it, smell it, hug it & own it!

Be the Director of your life, remember if you are not then someone else will be!

Keep moving forward baby steps one at a time.  Listen to your intuition & guidance, look out for signs.  Do whatever you have to do to stay motivated, don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle & stay away from  people with negative mindsets & negative places.  This is not always possible and if you do have to be around these kind of people & places then always have the intention to  protect yourself with bubbles of light, Angelics and set some good boundaries.

Divine Timing is the key, so patience is also required but aslong as you keep taking those baby steps and know that all is well each day with the knowing that  it is as it should be.  All is well.

Love you with all your heart & the rest will follow.

Love & Light




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