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Gaia wants to ask you a question!

April 3rd, 2017

GAIA – The Life Giving Essense


1. R u enhancing & helping me?

2. R u in the middle doing nothing either way for me?

3. Or are u responsible for some of the death & destruction of my kingdoms?

If you are in the middle  – 

pick no.1 quick because the balance is tipping & its tipping over to death & destruction!

It’s not to late to be of service to Gaia & her kingdoms.

The animal kingdoms, the earth kingdoms, the sea kingdoms are crying out for help.

We each have our own natural affinity with Earth, whether that be with nature, the sea, or the animals. We each have a  purpose on this Earth that is why we are here, your role is to find out which way resonates with you the most, then start doing & being who you are meant to be!

She has provided for us  and now needs our help to restore and re-balance, after all it is mankind’s fault “I’ll do what I want” take, take, take!

By coming together we can spread the light across the planet to help restore and bring balance once again, lets remove this dark veil and be the light before it’s too late!

Going Vegan for the animals, your well beingthe planet is a must to help restore and bring peace!


Find your purpose and BE it!

Love & Light