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June 18th, 2016

Since researching, following pages on Facebook and looking into animal welfare my eyes have been well and truly opened to a barbaric world of unnessary cruelty and evil caused by human beings!  Humans are doing a pretty good job of destroying the planet and the other species living on it!


As an Angel Therapist and energy sensitive it breaks my heart & makes me question all that is!  The only reasoning I can give for people that do this harm is they have a darkness inside them that hasn’t seen or felt the light of love because when you truly love yourself and others you cannot do harm to another it’s impossible!


As I have mentioned on my “Angels in Action” page working with Angels can help to spread the light to those that need it across the planet.  It is an active way to contribute and will without a doubt help to make changes in the darkest of places.  Angels can bring comfort and protection, they can re-direct animals away from danger and help find them a new trail/path to follow for eg hunted elephants!


In fact Angels can be anywhere and do anything you ask as long as it serves the highest and is lawful.  The more of us that ask, the more light that can be spread across the planet to effect change all you need is some faith & intention.


Many many people have had Angel experiences and there are lots of books out there detailing miraculous events.  Might be worth a read if you need help to understand exactly what they are capable of.


If you feel this type of work resonates with you then please do look out for my post on Facebook detailing ways on how to invoke Angels to assist in animal welfare across the planet, just a few minutes a day could make all the difference 🙂


Many thanks for visiting & I hope you can join me in spreading the light!IMG_5745

Jenny x