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Our Beautiful Earth Out of Balance!

March 22nd, 2016

It saddens my heart to witness our beautiful planet so out of balance because of all the evil, hatred & death in the world at this time.  It’s tipping Mother Earth I can see a black curtain trying to form around the planet!

The animals are in disarray both in the sea and upon the Earth.  People have no morals or don’t seem to know how to behave in a civilised way anymore. They think it’s ok to hunt, kill, murder, lie, cheat, rape, enslave and disrespect fellow human beings and animals.

Meaningless sex, porn, money and power seems to be what is important to most (it’s trickery) it  can become addictive to some  who are then unable to manage normal healthy relationships due to un-realistic ideals!  These things will not sustain you forever & could possibly even destroy your very essence. There will come a time when your heart will yearn for pure love and truth because that is where you orginate from!

Do not get caught up in the fear that’s raging around the planet and trying to rule it.  Focus on your heart, go within feel the love that you are because it will sustain you and help you rise above the negative, it will keep you in the light. Learn to do this well, visulise a spark of light within you growing, expanding, radiating within you and around you and filling your heart with pure love that is real power and strength!

To help to change the vibration on the planet now is to live from the heart, to value & love yourself first.  Show kindness and patience and assist others to live in the light also to help them step out of the dense & darkness.

Do not follow the mass consiousness because it is ruled by unlawfulness and is there to keep you off your true path in life.  The thing is most do not realize so don’t judge just be the light!

Have you asked the Angels to help you manage down here?  They absolutely understand how dense & how hard it can be.  All you have to do is ask and they are immediatly at your side ready to assist you in your everyday life.  An Angel’s main purpose is to support mankind but you do have to ask for the help you need as we all have free will choice and they cannot just intervene without our permission unless of course it is not your time to go and then they will step in and save you as they have for me and many others!

You can ask the Angels to assist the planet & animals too!  The more Angels we ask for, the more light can spread around the world changing the vibration thus helping to reclaim Mother Earth’s balance!

I’m an Energy Sensitive, Light worker and Healer and I’m feeling the shifts in vibrations on the planet, the caos and unlawfullness and it’s a struggle for me & I’m trained in how to manage energy!  So I absolutely understand how hard it is to be here at this time trying to make sense of it all whilst still trying to manage a normal day to day life.  It’s exhausting, it can make you feel wobbly and dizzy, off balance and misaligned.

My suggestion would be to see a Healer that you resonate with to re-ground and balance your energy and also to learn how to meditate and practise focusing on the heart centre and lighting the spark within daily until you are literally made of light.  Asking daily for Angels is a major vibration changer as you are inviting in the light of Source, this light will help get you through the day and keep you safe!

We can all work together to change this negative vibration to a positive light one! So send out positive good thoughts & Angels daily to the planet and it’s inhabitants all it will take is 5 minutes of your time & is just a little extra way that will start to make a difference!

In love & Light


peace around the world