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World Wide Rally For Cecil 2017

February 13th, 2017

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A peaceful rally was held in Birmingham on Saturday 4th February at the beautiful Victoria Square.

 like-minded individuals some from local Birmingham animal activism groups joined the rally to make a stand against trophy hunting and poaching.   Jen Nolan organized the rally on behalf of Compassion Works International so that the UK were also taking part & showing their support in this World Wide event.  There were video’s playing detailing the impact of trophy hunting, a leaflet and information point and Jen did a talk about the impact of this barbaric sport.  Towards the end a 2 minute silence was held to respect the lives taken by trophy hunting and poaching!

The rally coincided with the annual conference of Safari Club International (SCI), a pro-trophy hunting organization, which was being held at Mandalay Bay. Individuals from all over the world  came together to protest the SCI convention and shine a light on the brutal and immoral practice of trophy hunting.

The Worldwide Rally For Cecil is named for and held in honor of Cecil the lion, a protected and collared lion who was lured out of a national park and mercilessly shot with a bow by a Minnesota-based dentist in the summer of 2015 Cecil was then stalked for 40 hours while injured and bleeding before being killed with a rifle and beheaded. His death created a worldwide outrage.

An estimated 190,000 wild animals are exported as trophies globally and an even greater unknown number are killed by local trophy hunters without entering global trade. Some of the commonly hunted species include a variety of duck and geese species, black and grizzly bears, various hoofed mammals, wolves, cougars, bobcats, polar bears, moose, elk, many African species, and others. Generally only the extremely wealthy can afford to trophy hunt. An elephant hunt can cost as much as $62,000 and one hunter paid $350,000 at an auction for the right to kill a rare black rhino.

Visit for more information on CWI and the Worldwide Rally For Cecil.

Jen Nolan speaking about trophy hunting, poaching & animal abuse!

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Jen also attends regular animal activism events in Birmingham & London and continues to organize demo’s to bring awareness to the damaging & cruel impact trophy hunting and poaching has on the world’s wildlife!  To keep in touch with events, see the event page or go to

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Birmingham Rally for Cecil 2017