Crystal Healing

page-balance-your-chakras-960x400-copy-960x400Balanc You Chakras

Crystals have been used for centuries to heal & cure all sorts of ailments.  This session is specifically for the chakra system which runs down the central channel of your body.  You will lie comfortably on a therapy couch & crystals will be placed on each chakra point to bring in  healing & light to re-energise, cleanse & balance each Chakra abit like re-charging your batteries.  You will quickly become relaxed, enjoy the peace and rest easy in tranquil surroundings whilst the crystals do their healing work to re-energise & balance your central channel.  Using my skills as an Energy Field Therapist I will check and ensure that your central channel is cleared and all is well, leaving you with  a sense of well being and renewed energy.

Our chakras’s can become blocked, shrink in size & become dis-coloured this has an effect on how we feel in our physical every day lives.  For example any fears we may have about our security, finances etc will cause the root chakra at the base of our spines to become discoloured & off balance.  The healing session will cleanse & purify the chakra, bringing balance with an intention that it will help heal any fears in that area associated with feelings of security, lack & abundance.


Discounted sessions available for students & the unemployed email: