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Saturday August 19th 

Protest Against Sea Life Centre

Aquatic animals held captive in zoos and aquariums are largely overlooked in wider campaigns in the zoo industry, however, they are as deserving of our concern as other sentient beings.

Their life of the ocean becomes one lived in a tank. A sad existence in captivity unable to swim the depths of the sea with others of their kind.

In our Sea Lies Investigation into UK aquaria, we uncovered aquatic animals being taken from the wild, only 2.5% of exhibits housing animals belonging to endangered species, recurring health issues and high numbers of deaths, the killing of healthy “surplus” animals and breeding programmes only serving to stock Sea Life’s tanks.

This event will raise awareness of the plight of animals held captive in aquaria.

Please join us in speaking up for the forgotten animals who live a life so far from what they would live naturally in the wild.

This will be a peaceful protest with Midland animal groups coming together united in making a stand against animals in captivity!







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Hogwood Horror Farm Tesco Protest and Vegan Outreach



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Saturday September 30th

WMC 1st Birthday Bash

Fri 14th April (Good Friday)
Please join us for this peaceful demo outside Dudley Zoo to be a voice for the voiceless in Captivity!

In association with the Captive Animals Protection Society this event will be protesting outside a zoo, with banners and leaflets for awareness & education.

In light of the recent news reports regarding the deaths of animals in captivity it is so important now to educate people on this outdated human pastime! Animals belong in the wild to live their lives out naturally not to be gauped at & imprisoned in a zoo sometimes lonely, unhappy and ill treated.

This event is held yearly by CAPS all over the country to bring awareness to the plight of animals in zoos! Please come along and show your support & be a voice for the animals.

Please message me for further details 🙂 leaflets & banners will be supplied! This protest is on Good Friday, which is a bank holiday for most so hoping you are able to spare a couple of hours for such a good cause!

Please come along to this peaceful rally and make your stand against trophy hunters – click on the link below which will take you to the event page!  There are posters available to print off to bring with you & information about what to expect 🙂

This link will take you to End Trophy Huntings page:


On July 1, 2015, after suffering for approximately 40 hours, Cecil the lion was brutally murdered by American dentist Walter Palmer. This travesty has risen awareness about the brutal, selfish, and ego-driven activity known as “trophy hunting,” during which animals are senselessly slaughtered for the purpose of becoming a head hung on a wall or a skin thrown on a floor. Cecil was a father, a partner, a leader. He died because a very small man with a lot of money thought it would be fun to kill him.

In February 2016, individuals in 35 cities in 6 countries around the world came together to speak out for the animals being killed by trophy hunters. While we remember Cecil, we also remember all animals, both international and domestic, who are having their precious lives cut short by wealthy individuals with too much time on their hands. Cecil’s death created a worldwide outrage and at that time we promised never to forget and to never, ever stop fighting for justice.

The time has come to put an end to the deadly, selfish practice of trophy hunting.

The 2nd Worldwide Rally For Cecil will take place on February 4, 2017 and will coincide with the annual conference of Safari Club International, which takes place from February 1-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rallies will take place all over the world, as we collectively show trophy hunters that we will not accept the merciless slaughter of our precious wildlife any longer. Our goal? To raise awareness about international and domestic trophy hunting and to make a stand for the hunters’ helpless victims.

Join us in taking part in the largest anti-trophy hunting rally in the world.

Compassion Works International

Please come and join us in Birmingham UK to help stop these barbaric acts all in the name of a so called sport & make your stand against trophy hunting!