Zoo Awareness Weekend (C.A.P.S)

April 17th, 2017


CAPS Zoo Awareness Weekend: Dudley Zoo Protest, Friday 14th April 2017

zoo protest

In support of CAPS’ Zoo Awareness Weekend around 20 campaigners protested outside Dudley Zoo on Friday 14th April to highlight the zoo industry’s exploitation of animals.

During the protest, activists set up an informational outreach stall with plenty of CAPS literature, held placards, gave speeches and chalked anti-zoo messages outside the establishment. In discussions with the public, campaigners encouraged people to boycott zoos due to the various issues associated with them, including the suffering of imprisoned animals, the lack of any significant contribution by zoos to conservation and education, and the damaging message zoos send by endorsing the use of animals for ‘entertainment’. Activists also highlighted that ethical methods of protecting wildlife are available, such as in-situ conservation programmes, which deserve more funding instead.

The response from the public was very supportive, with lots of literature distributed and numerous people pledging to boycott zoos (some would-be customers of Dudley Zoo even decided not to go in after discussions!) as others beeped in support of the protest as they drove past. We will continue to protest against zoos in the future, if you’d like to get involved with actions in your area, please contact CAPS on info@captiveanimals.org

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