Restore Balance

Jenny is an Advanced Level Energy Field Therapist. She gained her advanced diploma in 2007 with Sue Zange of Inspirit!

Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced specialist therapy that works to restore balance to the body’s energy field, also known as the aura. Energy Field Healing is an active healing and will stimulate & re-energise the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The aim of the therapy is to remove unwanted negative energy, imbalances and blockages that may be causing some form of ill health, this then aids the body to return to it’s true state of balance & well being.

The Human Energy Field

Our energy field radiates all around us (3-4 feet). It is made up of a complex system of life patterns and memories, which drive our view, beliefs, attitudes and physical presence in the world.

Because our energy field is in constant flow it absorbs energies from people and places that we have an energy connection with, in fact everyone we know and the places we work and live in.

It is possible to feel emotions and trauma long after an event has happened because the energy connection remains intact. So if it was a stressful experience then the effects of that would be non-serving and may cause fatigue and an emotionally drained feeling. This can build heavily in the energy field and if left uncleared may lead to physical illness, emotional and mental imbalance.

As an Energy Field Healer my aim would be to clear these stagnant energies, release any blockages and non serving energies, which will then allow fresh universal energy to flow back in. This strengthens the whole being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual allowing you to take control of your life and bring yourself harmony and balance. Feeling whole again.

I work on the central channel of the body which has energy centres (Chakras). I aim to balance the body’s main energy centres and re-align and re-energise the energy field, thus bringing a sense of well being, peace, happiness and joy.

Clinc results have shown Energy Field Healing to be effective with conditions including:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Confidence Issues
  • Low Energy
  • Exam Stress
  • Joint Pain
  • Feeling out of sorts & down
  • Grief and a sense of loss
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Emotional burn-out
  • Fatigue
  • & so much more

Please note: Due to the movement of energy this treatment is NOT suitable for people with epilepsy, pregnant women and people with pacemakers.