The Elephant In My Room

3rd August, 2019


A couple of years ago during meditation a very angry large elephant just like the picture suddenly turned up in my living room and stood right before me, looked straight at me and I heard the words NOW loud and clear!

I felt a sudden jolt in my energy and opened my eyes enlightened by the realisation of the urgency I felt and that I wasn’t doing enough and MUST do more and quickly!

I sometimes feel completely helpless and distraught because I’m thousands of miles away from the very country I should be living in to help protect these beautiful animals and my hope is one day I can at least visit Africa and spend time there up close with my fellow Earthlings!

This is why I do what I do!

Please join us to help bring awareness to their plight and get cruel and barbaric trophy hunting banned forever!

elephant now

I am very pleased to be working with the awesome Ban Trophy Hunting who's exclusive campaign's constantly hit the headlines highlighting and bringing awareness to this outdated and ego based industry.

Britain are named on the deadly dozen list as one of the top countries that kill animals for fun they are known as the big 5 which are Elephants, Rhino, Lions, Leopards and Buffalo and import their body parts back into the UK for room decor, ego and bragging rights.

We want this atrocity stopped and call upon the UK Government to ban the imports of hunting trophies NOW!!!

There are two live petitions aimed at the UK Government, please sign below.

Sign this petition to urge your MP to add their name to EDM 1829 and support the ban on this cruel trade NOW

Britain is one of the worst countries in the world for trophy hunting, YOU can help stop this!


Join us in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 28th September from 12 noon for a special demo and outreach event aimed at bringing awareness to the plight of wildlife threatened and endangered because of trophy hunting.

There will be a petition to sign, flyers to hand out, posters, face painting and African music.

After the event which will finish approximately around 2.30-3pm we will head to 3 Three's Coffee Lounge for 10% off food, drinks and cakes before our exclusive screening of the award winning film Blood Lions at 4.30pm with a talk from special guest Eduardo Goncalves from the Ban Trophy Hunting Campaign team.

There are only 35 seats available and all we ask for is a small donation to help cover costs. Tickets will be available in the event link soon!

Remember click going or interested to keep up to date with details below:

End Trophy Hunting Demo

Blood Lions Screening

We look forward to sharing with you.

See you soon to be a voice for animals to help save our Wild World!



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