Victory We Won - U turn by NEC

9th July, 2019

Amazing news as the NEC make an announcement and ban Safari Companies from the shooting show!!!

nec announcement

This is a fantastic win for animal rights and the right decision. We hope that the rest of the UK take heed and ban these events from taking place to help end this barbaric industry and help save our iconic wildlife already on the brink of extinction.

Thank you to everyone that took part by signing petitions, emailing, contacting MP's, phoning and sharing social media posts. Together we were all a big loud voice for animals.

Never be silent we were heard, the light shone and rightfulness was served.

1 week later and my follow up interview was published in the Sunday Mercury, see images below.

Link to The Telegraphs report on the good news here


Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre